I hope that this series on communication has been as enlightening for you as it has for me.

It’s Iike the movie Collateral Beauty starting Will Smith (this was a great film by the way).  Three of his friends embarked on saving their firm, by proving that Will’s character had become an unfit partner after the loss of his daughter. They did so by hiring three abstractions, disguised as actors, to pose as the three entities that Will had been writing to- Time, Love, and Death.  Through their mission to help their friend help himself, they all were assisted by these beings in the areas that they most needed.

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I can admit, when I said “she probably doesn’t like having hard conversations either” in the first post of this series- Why Can’t We Just Talk , I was referring to myself. 

Through this journey of writing this series, I have further learned and explored methods that will be come my aid when the boo and I aren’t seeing eye to eye. 

This series started with a phone call from a friend on how her man was running away from a disagreement.  Something that I, too, have been faced with time and time again.

I am the Collateral Beauty of this series.  I set out to provide clarity for this friend and hopefully you all as well, buy ended up needing the help for myself more than I realized.  

We usually have our own answers.  It’s like the conversation that you have with your friends and the advice you are giving is the advice that you need yourself.  You just have to be humble enough to realize that you have the same/ similar struggle.   We are never above our own advice.