We met on-line.  I was actually new to on-line dating and while skeptical, I founding it alluring.  When first signing onto the site, I received an overwhelming number of notifications- messages and pokes alike.  I talked to more than a few guys, but I only went out on a date with two.  The first, well, it was as expected- he had posted a picture of his former self and his current self was nothing close to the picture.  I never went out with him again.  After the first encounter, I was actually over the whole thing.  Just ready to throw the whole idea way.  Bu one kept me

That was until I met Mr. Houdini.  Our conversations kept me on the site.  We converse via the app for a few weeks, and finally we exchanged numbers.  While I was nervous to meet up with him based on my previous experience, I got the courage to do so.

Our first date was memorable and so much fun.  We finally got the chance to see if the on-line connection was real, and it was…. Or at least I thought so (still, I think that he thought so too).  We went to dinner, which went so well, that we wanted to continue our date, so we went to a nearby casino.

We gambled, snacked, laughed over a few drinks.  He made sure I thoroughly enjoyed myself by teaching me to play Roulette and Craps and he kept me engaged by placing bets on whatever I suggested.  The night went so well that he immediately made plans to watch the game two days later.

We met at a bar to watch the Redskins game.  We had a couple of drinks, made friends with our fellow Redskins fans and taunted our rivals.  All in good fun.  What attracted me to him after this date was that his personality vibed well with mine.  He wasn’t intimidated by my loud demeanor.   He genuinely seemed to like who I was.  He was affectionate, but not forceful.  He was a gentleman.  He let me see a little of who he was by telling me personal stories of his family.

On one of our dates, when I met him at his office building to go to lunch, he acted as if he didn’t want to return to his desk because he didn’t want to leave me.  He had a way of making me think that he was really into getting to know me.

When we weren’t together, we were making plans to be together.  We were in constant communication and most of the time it was a phone call because he didn’t like texting.

The last time that I saw him was the best date we had.  The night tops the list because that was the night that we discovered our common interests.  We walked into a piano store where he serenaded me as he played and told me that he would teach me to play since I wanted to learn.  Seriously, it was like one of those scene our of a romantic movie.  One where the woman falls for the guy after he does something like ole boy did that night.  It was the first time I thought to myself “Well maybe I CAN do this.”  After we left the piano store we stumble upon a bar, and since we were too late for Happy Hour, we made plans to return later in the week.

Well, later in the week came, and I texted him to see about the time.  When he didn’t respond to the text, I called.  I have yet to hear from him and probably never will.

I gave him one text and one call.  After that, I had a moment with my girls and after about a week I brushed it off.

I haven’t had a date since.  With his disappearance, I got off-line for a while.  Like I should’ve after date one.  The first date gave me the creeps, the second date ended up being a bit of a blow.  Rather than getting frustrated just thinking about it, I don’t (although I’m finding myself getting frustrated writing this).   As women, we have to suppress feelings, because men are going to do things like disappear.

Fortunately, I know that his disappearance has nothing to do with me.  I’ve come to think that he has some circumstances, a girlfriend, a wife, a dog… who the hell knows.  It was something  with HIM!

On the other hand, it’s unfortunate that these actions result in my feeling a little more cold-hearted.  It’s kind of like, well F!@K it.


A Rose is blooming into the woman that she wants to be.  When she isn’t focusing on bettering herself, she can be found taking life as it comes.   

Now it’s time for you to share with Korrie.  What are some of your spooky dating stories?