Through all the absurdities of dating, you eventually come across one that restores your faith in the process. Even if you aren’t interested or things don’t pan out the way you would’ve hoped, it can still be a reminder that there is normalcy in a world full of disappointment and foolish amazement; and it can all be leveled out with just one refreshing encounter.

When I met him in the garage of the hospital, as I was leaving my doctor’s appointment, I was reluctant to give him my number. He just wasn’t my cup of tea.  But since my cups of were all half empty, I thought a changing of lanes could turn out to be a positive experience.

Our first meeting was spontaneous, which I love (spontaneity is always a good thing in any relationship). I was leaving work after a tiring week when he texted asking where I was headed and I told him “home.” He asked if I would meet him for happy hour, and since my Friday was wide open, I took him up on his offer.

The light-hearted tone for the evening was set when he played a prank on me as I sat at the bar awaiting his arrival. He told me he was an hour away only to appear beside moments later. “Thought I was serious huh?” he asked as he leaned on the bar. As he inconspicuously approached me, I’m guessing that he saw the irritation in my body language when I began texting him back.

With an intense glare and a smile, I responded , “I was informing you that I was leaving.”

“Ha! I can get rid of you that easily.  I was in the restroom silly.” He sat in the seat next to me.

We both ordered a glass of Merlot. I thought he was a man after my own heart when he expressed his love for wine and how he spends his summer weekends exploring Virginia vineyards.  He was born in Spain, but had worldwide roots because his parents, one Brazilian and the other Angolan, worked for UNICEF and were often relocated.  This made him well-traveled as child.  Something that he saw fit to maintain throughout his adulthood, which was another attribute that peaked my interest.

By the end of the night my cheeks were sore from the smile that accompanied my stomach aching laughter. All I could think was how happy I was that I was open to giving him my number and that I said “yes” to this evening.

Well, we saw each other one time after that, where I fell for another one of his pranks upon his arrival. Due to me and my own inconsistency, we haven’t seen each other since.  However, those two evenings reminded me that every date doesn’t have to end with you blocking their phone number as soon as you are out of their sight. My encounters with him were the sliver of hope that I didn’t even realize that I needed at the time.

Dates can come a dime a dozen these days. It is true that some of them will leave us scratching our heads.  Seemingly contrary, there are decent people out here.  They are the guys that remind us that chivalry is not dead and gentleman hood didn’t die with our parents’ generation.  They are the women with ladylike essence that exudes class in every movement she makes.  And since so many of us are bogged down with people’s foolishness, we can’t help but to notice those positive moments that stand out as a breath of fresh air.

Just when we need it someone comes along to give us that sweet reminder.