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The DMV has been called one of the hardest cities to date in, and if you have lived here for even a short span of time, it is clear that its prospects for love are more than unique. A few years back, while a friend and I swapped our dating tales over drinks, I realized the ridiculousness of my dating life. As the night progressed, it was pretty clear my experiences would make for a great read — or, a movie at best!

Since then I’ve been in and out of relationships, and on date after date. It’s become a science experiment to see if the next encounter is as preposterous as the last. Even in the midst of finding some common ground, the end result has thus far been a fail. It’s almost like a hot air balloon that never takes off because, no matter how hard you pull, the flame never ignites. To keep from crying over spilled milk, I now laugh at the absurdity, craft my “In Memory of” mimosa, and reach for my laptop.

With Lovetails with Korrie Corrin, I’m taking lemons and making cocktails. Why cocktails you ask? Well, isn’t that what us grown folk do when venting about love and life? Sit around and order our favorite drink or invite friends over for a glass of wine? Maybe three (depending on how crazy the situation was)? I know I do.

So, here is a space I enjoy sharing with you. It is here that we can get real about love — or the lack thereof –and enjoy cocktails of our choosing.

Welcome to Lovetails with Korrie Corrin. Happy sipping!

Korrie Corrin

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