“I decided I want to create and love- love for myself; therefore everyone else. It has given me time to focus on becoming my best self.”

Is what Taylor- Ann Robinson of Taylor Made Coaching described as her journey when asked.

Being single has a certain stigma that comes along with it.  So much that, some focus their existence on changing that status from “single” to “In A Relationship.”   With us living in today’s culture of “convenience,” and new apps popping up weekly that aids in combating the state of “singledom,” it’s kind of hard not to obsess over having someone to date, text, call, sleep beside- whatever to fill the void we have been conditioned to feel.

Not this young lady though.  That’s one of the things I love about her.  She has learned to love the skin that “she is in.”

Taylor has been single for four years now.  After spending her early adult years in two long-term relationships, she has found the time to herself to be both healing and loving.

“When you’re with someone they take up a lot of time.  In solitude, I’ve been able to read myself without the influence of someone else.  It’s just helped me, in general, to see myself better.  You need this space to figure yourself out.”

Finding Herself

Singleness is a time of self-discovery.  Taylor has used this time for physical, spiritual and emotional evolution.

She describes her physical evolution as the result of having time to focus on her body by not only working out but through exploration. This way she has determined how she likes being touched rather than having someone show her.  She has homed in on what she enjoys and prefers from a partner in the physical realm.

As far as spiritually, she is working on her inner spirit to ensure that she is ready when someone comes into her life.  “partnership for me is completely internal.  What’s manifesting internally with spirits.  Are they soaring separately so that they may soar together?”

“Emotionally it has taken me a while to realize that my emotions are not facts.  Therefore, they should not be contributing to what’s happening around me.  They are internal reflections of myself.  What I feel isn’t anyone’s fault, but my own because it’s my understanding of certain situations.  I can’t take it personally.  It’s the fact that somewhere in there I have a fear about something, so I have to work on my fears.”

Becoming Herself

This revelation came to light when she lost one of the active women she knew- her grandmother.  Her grandmother’s illness was a wake-up call for her to change her lifestyle to one that was healthier.

“After my grandmother got sick, I started to research cancer and what lifestyles cause it.  I was shocked.  After learning about what was in our food, I was traumatized.  After she passed, I went cold turkey.”

Through her journey and exploration as a “vegan,” she found that food, if consumed in the right context, consist of healing properties.  Given her newly discovered information, she has set out to help others take steps in living healthier lifestyles.  She started her own company where she assists her clients in grocery shopping, meal prepping, and making healthier decisions.

“I’ve been grateful that I don’t have to aggressively advertise or anything because when people are ready to change, they will find me. I’m not attached to any outcome. I want people to live as optimal as possible.  Veganism is a niche; it’s all that I’m about.  It’s my purpose and the reason that I am here at this time. I help people transition.  I encourage people to plant-based.  I decided to become a holistic wellness life coach by implementing aromatherapies, meditation, the food, counseling.  It has been the best decision of my life.  It’s something I’ve been doing every day, so why not help other people to do it.  I know how hard it is, because I’ve done it.  But you can still surpass all of those things because the benefits are beyond imagination.”

Looking Ahead

When asked about being single she emphasized that when she does find a partner, she wants to be living in her purpose, which would have aligned with his.

“(For) my partner, his spirit must be pure in purpose, so that we both can be in purpose together.  (That being) Whether or not we are together physically.  Our spirits will be so in tuned and devoted to purpose that we couldn’t be separated even if we tried.”

Being One With Yourself in the Best Way PossibleBut it is this time, now, in this space of not being connected or accountable to anyone, but herself that she was able to discover what that purpose was.

“… you have the whole pot to yourself to cook in.  How it is that you want to manifest, and generate, and regenerate, and evolve on your own.  How you can look at your everyday life without “not necessarily the restrictions of someone else, but definitely the restrictions of someone else…   You can’t just step off without consulting with them.  It’s truly consulting with yourself.  You are free without being mindful of someone else.  You can expand, and I have been expanding every day. When I find my partner,  I want to be the best for them in my expansion.  And they would have to be in their expansion. And then we can combine into a blissful hurricane.”

You can find Taylor and more information on the services she provides at Taylormadecoachingdc.com.