A Gent Never Tails

Guys, I want to hear from you too. Enough of my gentleman friends have given me a window into the male world of dating. It’s safe for me to say that y’all don’t have it easy when it comes to dating. You have a voice. Let’s hear it! What frustrates you? What could the ladies do better? What are your turn offs and what is a turn on?

A Gent Never Tails

She Drives Me Crazy Part 2

So, in my last blog, I hit some of the things that women do, that men may find irritating.  For the ladies, I’m trying to put y’all up on something that can help you when dating- by making you aware. I promised that it was to be continued, and since I am a man of my word here’s the  rest (and women, it’s all in love):Read more

A Gent Never Tails

She Drives Me Crazy

I’m a 30 something-year-old black DMV professional with no kids, never married, own a car, have a job and a home. I have been living and dating in the area for almost 10 years. I’m an avid reader and contributor to this blog, so I thought it was time for a man’s perspective on the dating scene.  The dating scene is just that- Two sided. There is a female and a MALE’s take on things.Read more