Ghosted Series (Boo)

Ghosted Series (Boo) Lovetail Hour

A Ghost Story

We met on-line.  I was actually new to on-line dating and while skeptical, I founding it alluring.  When first signing onto the site, I received an overwhelming number of notifications- messages and pokes alike.  I talked to more than a few guys, but I only went out on a date with two.  The first, well, it was as expected- he had posted a picture of his former self and his current self was nothing close to the picture.  I never went out with him again.  After the first encounter, I was actually over the whole thing.  Just ready to throw the whole idea way.  Bu one kept me

That was until I met Mr. Houdini.  Our conversations kept me on the site.  We converse via the app for a few weeks, and finally we exchanged numbers.  While I was nervous to meet up with him based on my previous experience, I got the courage to do so.

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Ghosted Series (Boo) Korrie's Thoughts

Casper- The Not So Friendly Ghost

You meet someone.  The two of you go on a couple of dates.  Things seem to be going just fine and as a result, you’ve actually started to become quite fond of this person.  Then the calls stop, and so do the text.  All form of communication ceases and you realize that this person moonlights as a magician performing act of grander. Their most recent trick… disappearing.

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