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My thoughts on dating, relationships- successes and mishaps. Sit back, take a sip, as you go on this rollercoaster ride with me.

Korrie's Thoughts

The Faces of Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!  This day brings out sides of people that are lovely.  The sides that are blissful and endearing.  On the other hand this day also brings out sides of people that may not be their best representation.  So let’s review… You have the:

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I Spent More On His Gift

In last week’s post, I briefly mentioned a guy that I once dated who gave me a rather cheap Christmas Gift.  Cheap as in $4.99 to be exact.  So, this week, I’d tell you how that actually played out.

We had been seeing each other for four months by the time Christmas rolled around.  Yes, that’s a short time frame, but the way I saw it- we had just returned from a week-long cruise, where he then invited me to home with him for the holidays to meet the family (I didn’t make it home with him that time, that’s a story for another blog).  So, naturally, I thought that things had progressed to the point of exchanging gifts. 

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How Much Do I Spend on my SO for Christmas

Tis that time of year again, and if you have a SO, the question of how much should you spend on a gift arises.  If you are anything like myself, you take into consideration the length of time that you have been together, coupled with something that you think he or she may enjoy (or you may enjoy he or she having).  You take a shot in the wind and hope that when they open the gift you will be met with approval and appreciation.

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Ghosted Series (Boo) Korrie's Thoughts

Casper- The Not So Friendly Ghost

You meet someone.  The two of you go on a couple of dates.  Things seem to be going just fine and as a result, you’ve actually started to become quite fond of this person.  Then the calls stop, and so do the text.  All form of communication ceases and you realize that this person moonlights as a magician performing act of grander. Their most recent trick… disappearing.

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Korrie's Thoughts Living Single Series

Embracing Singledom

I’ve been single the majority of my life.  And in my mid-30’s I am often confronted with the question of “when are you going to settle down?”  I’ve been to wedding after wedding of friends whose parents try to marry me off next with whatever guy is in attendance and single.  Let’s not even start on the concept of having kids.  By your mid-30s you are just expected to have kids and a husband, or as the consensus may have it, you are doomed to being a lonely spinster with a cat.

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