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My thoughts on dating, relationships- successes and mishaps. Sit back, take a sip, as you go on this rollercoaster ride with me.

Korrie's Thoughts

How to Get Through the Holiday Break-up

No one, I mean no one expects a break-up during the holidays.  People often think the reason guys break things off with women during this time of year is so that he doesn’t have to buy her a gift.  While that may sometimes be the case, there are instances where the timing just sucks ass and the inevitable break- up just happens to come two weeks before the actual Christmas holiday.Read more

Korrie's Thoughts

This Is Us… Then vs Now

Ya know that cliché “Time waits for no one”? Most can attest to it being true in one way or another.  None of us are where we were last year. For you maybe you are approaching graduation, maybe you are like me and are in a new position than the one you were in a year ago. Hell, even the country is in a different place than a year ago. Just as of last night, it was announced that North Korea’s latest missile testing yielded positive results for a missile that can reach little ole me all the way in Washington, DC (really)?  Read more

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Wait A Minute…Don’t I Know You?

Dating can sometimes be very interesting, to say the least; especially the world of online dating. Yes, I have encountered cyber world weirdos. I have been catfished- let’s just say more than once or twice. I have been stood up, driven off on (I’ve told you all that story and just in case you missed it you can find it here), and run into a few brick walls.

While those were all somewhat scary, but entertaining, I think one of the best stories occurred with someone that I knew.

Read more

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NAH BOY… “Hi” Doesn’t Mean I Want You!

As we go through the world of dating, it is easy to get caught in the weeds.  Especially, when you are minding your own business.   You are out here, striving to be your best self and wanting to see the good in others when you are thrown a monkey wrench.   Your hope is that the law of attraction will come into play and the best you will attract the best of someone else. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that perfect world that we all dream of; and I’m thankful for that because there would be no Lovetails.  What I am trying to say is -Yes, the best you appeals to the undesirables too!Read more

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When Parenting and Dating Goes Wrong

Last night, while I walked down the 14th street corridor searching for happy hours, I stumbled across a blast from the past. As I walked into a restaurant that I knew well, I passed empty patio seating leading to an equally empty venue with one waiter in the back.   The server’s back was turned to the door as I approached him asking for the Happy Hour menu. He turned around only to reveal himself as my ex’s son!Read more

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Oh No He Didn’t #IssaBlock

If you haven’t caught up on the Insecure phenomena, consider yourself… well, don’t. Just don’t consider yourself at all. At least not until you’ve crawled from under that rock.  Just in case you find yourself somewhere other than tuned in on Sunday nights at 10:30 p.m. est.  Insecure is the HBO series that birth the hashtag controversy #teamLawerence and #teamIssa.Read more