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My thoughts on dating, relationships- successes and mishaps. Sit back, take a sip, as you go on this rollercoaster ride with me.

Korrie's Thoughts

Removing the Masks! Dating with Intentions Part 2

I know I’ve hit on this before, but when you have an end goal of marriage in mind, one must purposefully date. Right…We get that.

So, of course, while watching OWN’s new series titled “Black Love”– featuring celebrity couples and their experience in marriage- this came back across my mind.  In last night’s premier the couples talked about how they met and how they came to the realization that their spouse was meant to be their life partner.Read more

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Stop…Take Notice!

Ladies, this is our Reality Check-list.

Last time we talked, I discussed negative stereotype of the independently strong woman.  I went further to discuss how I don’t view myself as the stereotype “I am woman hear me roar” in which is associated with independent women.

Since then, I asked a few guys what’s an independent woman to them. Responses varied from monetary things, to her being financially sufficient, to her simply being an adult and handling her business (which was the most succinct response).Read more

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Your Perception Becomes My Reality

Perception is reality. Or at least that is what they say. What is actually being said is that other people’s perception of you is reality. It dictates how the world around you will operate — from work, to friendships, to relationships. How they view you is how they will treat you. Does it have to be the truth? No! But it becomes the world that you are forced to live in. It’s caused by the things that you say and do. To you, there is absolutely no meaning behind them. To others, there’s an air that exudes from you into the universe. From that air, you are placed in a box. A box you can’t get out of because you have no idea that it exists. Instead, you live in your own little bubble until that bubble is busted by none other than those who know you best.Read more

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Dating With Intention


“A courtship that lasts 1-3 years has more of a chance of surviving a marriage than one that lasts less than one year or more than 3 years.”

-The San Diego Divorce Center

As and ex of mine and I traveled to my cousin’s wedding, I warned him that my great aunt, who he would meet in a matter of hours, could be a bit hard on men and that her approval would not come easy. I was impressed when they hit it off. At the end of the night, she came and told me how much she enjoyed him and how she liked him for me. And then, in true Auntie fashion, she gave me some cut and dry advice. Read more

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It’s a Thin Line

Question: Where do you draw the line between transparency and ill-mannered?


Seven years ago, I was honored to be a part of my college roommate’s wedding. This occasion brought a few of us, college friends turned lifelong sisters, together again. Thinking back, it was one of the most memorable weddings I’ve been in given that all of my girls were there.  Outside of my ladies, it also gave me the chance to see my long time crush – the bride’s brother.  He was the one that all of us 18 year old girls would swoon over  when he walked our dorm halls with his mother as they came to pick-up our friend.  Read more