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My thoughts on dating, relationships- successes and mishaps. Sit back, take a sip, as you go on this rollercoaster ride with me.

Korrie's Thoughts

Attracting the Wrong Ones

The 2001 movie, The Wedding Planner, was one of my favorite romantic comedies to watch during my “no cable” having dorm days.  In short, Matthew McConaughey saves Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo) from getting hit by a dumpster, miraculously he’s a doctor (pediatrician) and can treat her, they go out, she begins to develop feeling for him… and BOOM!  He has a fiancé.  To add insult to injury, J. Lo is their wedding planner.  After spending waaaay too much time together preparing for the wedding, McConaughey takes J. Lo home and in a vulnerable moment he professes his strong “like” for her.  In a state of pure exhaustion, she states “I’m a magnet for unavailable men, and I’m tired of it.”  She tells him all she needs are his tuxedo measurements and dismisses him from her doorway.Read more

Korrie's Thoughts

To Date is NOT to Manage: Micro-Dating

Now, ladies listen up!

Last week, while over for a visit, a friend expressed her frustration with her latest conquest that ended too abruptly. Per usual, she had no idea why.

While working on a show (they are both actors), she met a guy who caught her attention. As time progressed, he too, expressed his interest.  Their courtship started with spontaneous outings a couple times a week and talks on the phone every night.  The guy even expressed to her that he would sometimes get attached quickly when it comes to dating.Read more

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Expecting Is To Be Expected

It sounds rather simple… You say, “I know what I want in a potential mate”.  Only to meet a “potential” and fall short of what you thought you wanted.  The reasoning behind the falling short is even more simple- it’s not knowing what you want.

As it should, knowing that you and a potential partner are on the same wavelength takes time.  First it takes meeting someone and putting them through the vetting process.  Quite frankly, then meeting and vetting another… and another… and another.Read more

Korrie's Thoughts

Love Yourself


Cause she’s actually forming a threesome, and I happy that I can join them. And their names are Me, Myself, and I.


First it’s the break-up… like a dream. And when the dream is over reality sets in and life as you knew it with that person is over. There was this person that you shared your days, outings, adventures, fun, laughter, dreams with and then it comes to an abrupt halt. You ask yourself, what now?

Depending on the level of intimacy you shared with this person, it doesn’t matter who pulled the rug from under whose feet. Because yes, you do feel the person’s absence- whether a good or bad.Read more