Lovetail Hour

Time to sit, relax, and share exciting (or not so much) stories of our misadventures of dating. And just maybe, if we’re lucky, we’ll stumble upon a story of success.

Lovetail Hour

Home Run or Run Home?

Have you ever been on a date so bad that even if you were presented with a million dollars, the likelihood of you mentioning a sequence of events so egregious couldn’t even compare? Well, that’s my “LoveTail” for you today.

To tell this story right, I must start from the beginning. If I leave you all to assume that this is a Tinder date gone awry or a Bumble meet-up that should’ve buzzed off, I’d be doing you a disservice. So, to give some context, I’ve known this character for several years. We went to the same high school but were never close. While I was a cheerleader and he was an all-around super athlete playing every sport imaginable, we never connected. However, thanks to social media, I’m now just a DM away on any platform for anyone to “shoot their shot,” and unfortunately that’s what he did.

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Lovetail Hour

Know When To Walk Away

I entered my relationship with my first girlfriend at 21.

We both were discovering who we were.  I was exploring my own sexuality. I was dealing with accepting myself.  And the relationship was toxic.

So what made me stay you ask? and why did I leave?Read more

Lovetail Hour

A Rose That Grew…

I know I can be a good girl to somebody, but there are certain things I’m just not going to deal with.

~A Rose

“I was pressed.”  Was the candid response the twenty-five-year-old Rose used to describe her former self when referring to the reason she stayed in a toxic relationship.  Read more

Lovetail Hour

“From Time”

Who TF wants to be 70 and alone?

It’s funny how life will make you reference a Drake lyric with the quickness these days. One minute your cooling – hair growing, skin glowing – and life is finally going the way you need it. All while you’re single and happy. Right?Read more