Then Comes Marriage

The goal, well for some, is a marriage when it comes to dating. So why not get first-hand advice from those who are in it and making it happen. Because we all know, yes dating is frustrating, but marriage is work!

Then Comes Marriage

Focus On the Game, Not the Highlight Reel

We’ve all seen it. The posts on social media where people take pictures, videos and whatever type of available media with their significant other. Sometimes it can be sweet, a public display of affection for all of their followers to see. A walk through Central Park, a trek through the Pocono Mountains, a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, all showing people the best parts of their relationship.

But what about after that? What about the dirt and grime that comes with being with someone day in and day out?Read more

Then Comes Marriage

Marriage is No Arnold Palmer

Don’t be dismayed by my title, marriage is lit! If someone asks me, “How is marriage,” I hope that my answer would be the same twenty years from now. I am twenty nine years old and I’m approaching my second anniversary. He was and still is my college sweetheart. Our journey took six years to prepare us to walk down the aisle. Four of those years were spent long distance. Two of those years we were engaged. And one month before the wedding we finally moved in together.Read more