Ladies, I’m going to give you 6 reasons why he is not going to wife you…but he’ll keep you around for that booty!

1 Incompatibility

If he doesn’t think you guys are compatible, he’ll keep you around to have a good time with or occupy his time, but there’s no need for him to take it any level past that. In order for two people to be in a [successful] relationship, they have to be compatible. You know what compatibility is, so I don’t need to define it.  Women sometimes may even think and believe that she and the guy are compatible. This may be true, maybe they are compatible…in her eyes.

2. Can’t take you home

Example: Nicki Minaj – Great look as a FWB, but not someone  my mother would approve of.

Beyoncé – Mother approved!

Basically, you look good but his mother will not approve of you. This is why you haven’t met their parents nor does his folks even know you exist.

3. You Allow It

This could very well be the number 1 reason and I should probably do a reconfiguration. Women need to realize they basically hold or have the power in a relationship. If you want a relationship and his actions say otherwise (you now what that looks like ladies, I don’t have to tell you this either),  don’t waste your time! And don’t do relationship type activities if that’s what you want. If you’re going to give me the cookie and I don’t have to do anything for it, of course I’m going to keep you around for as long as you’re baking those pipin’ hot and right- out-of- the- oven cookies!

4. Bad Timing

Unfortunately, you may have come around when the timing is just not right for him. He knows you’re a good thing and you guys have some things in common. However, he’s could be one of the following:

  • Not emotionally available
  • Just out of a relationship
  • Doesn’t have the time for a relationship
  • In his “hoe phase”
  • In his “experimental phase” as in experimenting with women of different cultures or women that are outside of his norm

5. First Date Sex

8/10 men believe that if he get some on the first date, this is now a sexual relationship, nothing more. Therefore, they will treat the relationship as such, and try to smash each time you all get together. If you decide to hold off until after the first night to become intimate, our minds may think about actually pursuing you as someone with gf potential vs someone with FB potential.

6. Bring Nothing or Little to the Table

Think of finding relationship as a job. There is a position open for GF with this guy and you are applying for the position. On paper you look good so you have an interview, you may pass the first interview and that will lead to other interviews. In these interviews, if you are not conveying that a) you can provide him a service that he cannot get anywhere else b) your service is better than he can get elsewhere c) your service will bring value to his life for years to come d) you can be a loyal, trustworthy employee…you get the drift.

Simply put, you think highly about yourself, and you should. But not every man thinks of you as you think of yourself. This is fine and you shouldn’t sweat it, just means he’s not right for you. But for those of you that bring no value to the job, you’ll never get employed at that positon.

All I’m saying is…

In the words of Common Sense, “I Know that sex aint gonna keep you.”

And the church said “AMEN”.


Case N Pointe