In last week’s post, I briefly mentioned a guy that I once dated who gave me a rather cheap Christmas Gift.  Cheap as in $4.99 to be exact.  So, this week, I’d tell you how that actually played out.

We had been seeing each other for four months by the time Christmas rolled around.  Yes, that’s a short time frame, but the way I saw it- we had just returned from a week-long cruise, where he then invited me to home with him for the holidays to meet the family (I didn’t make it home with him that time, that’s a story for another blog).  So, naturally, I thought that things had progressed to the point of exchanging gifts. 

My gut told me that something was array, and I should’ve listened.  And as we know, our intuition is our best friend.  My worry was that I wasn’t going to get anything from him.  We hadn’t discussed exchanging gifts (and if you would like to free yourself from the anxiety of should I, shouldn’t I, are we or are we not, please check out last week’s blog where I explain how to avoid this experience), and instead of just opening my mouth and asking, I was left to wonder and hope.

In the meantime, I bought him a gift- a cologne set that I spent 100 bucks on.  I don’t remember the brand (that he loved might I add).  I just remember that it came with a rather nice leather duffel.  Since I was unsure as to what I was getting if anything, I gave the bag to my brother (so, now I felt like I only spent $50).

When he returned from his holiday family visit, I was pleased to see that he, in fact, had a gift for me.  It was a small red and white box.  I ripped it open with childlike excitement on Christmas morning.  My excitement, however, withered when I looked in the box and saw a necklace with a gold heart pendant and the letter “K” in the middle.

                “Oh.”  I said as I pulled it out to get a better look. 

                “Yeah, you remember when we were on the cruise and we were looking at the jewelry on the ship. You said you wanted jewelry with your name on it cause you never had it.  This was the closest I could find.

                “No, I don’t remember saying that.” Because I didn’t say it!  First of all, who hasn’t had a one of those gold platted necklaces spelling out their name in cursive.  That was something that my mother bought me, on a whim, in the 7th grade.  Definitely not something that she made some grandiose gesture with.

The necklace was accompanied by colorful studded earrings- pink, yellow, purple, baby blue- that someone would by their four-year-old to play dress up in.  I laid the box with the necklace and the earrings down on the table, disguising my disappointment. 

He, on the other hand, loved his gift.  I only knew this because he wore it until the bottle was empty. 

A few days later, when my mother saw the box on the table, she asked “who got [insert name– sorry I don’t remember the name of it either]”

                 “Huh?” I asked.

The name on this box.  Who got jewelry from K-Mart?

Something in me had told me to look up the name on that box, so I could see where he bought it from, but I didn’t want to be that person (clearly, I am that person or I wouldn’t have thought of it).  But, once my mother revealed to me, I had to see for myself.  Although I knew she wasn’t, I’d hoped that she was lying.

And… nope… she wasn’t.  There it was, a set on K-Mart’s website.  The necklace and the earrings both for a whopping $4.99.

My friend was there when I made this discovery. 

                “Girl you know that gift cost 5 dollars!”  I exclaimed.

She got up to come to look at my laptop. 

                “You mean $4.99,” she sat back down in the chair.     

I called for my mother to come upstairs to show her,

                “Ma, you know this man got me a gift for five dollars.”

My girl interjects as she’s across the room on her chair scrolling through Instagram,


My mom looked at my laptop screen and said, “I told you.  Everyone knows that [insert name] line is at Kmart.

               I thought, Who even knows where a Kmart is anymore. Where did he even find one?”

Needless to say, the next year I learned my lesson and gave him a list.  That turned out mildly better.  He didn’t have to guess, he just got me exactly what I asked for (he was petty though.  He initially told me that he didn’t want anything for Christmas.  After I gave him my list, I received an email with items that he would like.  What happened to you not wanting anything?).

I guess you are wondering if I ever brought it up.  No, I didn’t.  Really, how do you say “I know that gift was under $5 because I researched it”?  Probably wouldn’t go over to well.

Looking back, there are so many issues with my not bringing it up.  I was afraid if I did I would lose him (fast forward a year and some change later, he was gone.  This incident foreshadowed a lot of things down the road that if I would’ve taken this as a sign, I would’ve have saved myself much frustration).  Then again, I didn’t want to seem like that person- even though that’s who I am.  If the same thing happened today, I would say something.  Because now I know- that’s who I am and I’m ok with it.