This is a story of two women.  Both going having been hurt.  They come across the same social media post, and it hits them both differently.

So, I received a DM from a young lady in regards to this post that I put in my stories.

She told me, “easier said than done.”

Conversly, I thought it was rather funny and honestly.  For me, it was also timely because I saw it three days after finding out my ex married the girl he started dating shortly after me (like yall, I saw this post on the third day and said “welp, that’s the end of this funk.  IG told me so).  Not to mention my mom and friends who all were like “so”,  in response to my telling them of old boy’s nuptials.   They quickly reminded me that I didn’t want him in the first place.  Lol…

But it was evident, this young lady may have needed some encouragement.  So, I sent her this message:

I thought to myself, “Korrie this is it.  This is the purpose of the book, this blog, the vids, and all. You are a living example of “sis it isn’t that bad.”

I know when I broke up with the “ex” mentioned above, I was done.  I wanted to sulk for days (honestly that isn’t my personality.  I mean I tried being sad, but I wasn’t good at it.  I think I was more “mad” than anything, but it still didn’t hinder my healing process).  I was on the phone one day talking to my aunt about it and how it was a waste of my time.  She asked “well did you enjoy yourself while you were with him?”  The overall answer was “yes.”  And in that moment my energy changed.

It’s all about perspective.  We can’t control what happens, but we can control our response.  Yes, there are silver linings in every situation and most times you don’t have to dig too deep to find them.  Honestly, you have to dig deeper to stay in a place of hurt, betrayal, and disappointment. You dodged a bullet no matter how you look at it- if yall weren’t meant to be together and you forced it, it wasn’t going to be the bliss you’re destined for anyway.  And who wants that?!?!

It may take sometime, but as I told the young lady, “rejoice in knowing that each day you will wake up closer to your healing.”  Shake that mess off and move on.  Hell, one thing I know for sure- they probably have (just think back to my ex).  J/S…