Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer oh!
Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius
I love all y’all
Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer oh!
Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius
I love all y’all

(In my Beyonce voice)

Not. Some I can vibe and totally rock out with. Some I can fall in love with, and the others can go to hell. It’s kind of like all or nothing. There are a few that I would go back to, and others I would ward off like the plague…

So, to kick-off this new series, Living Single, I thought it would be fun to break down the zodiac signs, as I have experienced them through dating and men.  Have I actually experienced all twelve?  In one way or another yes (unfortunately for some).

Aries- Combustible

Put a little fire close to them, and they go up in flames. Men and women alike. I’m an Aries so I would know (although I think that I am on the calmer end of the spectrum). They are firey, stubborn, and independent to a fault. Can be low Key, but will blow up in an instant. In college one of my closest friends was an Aries. While we never dated despite the recommendation from friends and my family who thought we would’ve been the perfect couple, we would still had moments where we blew up at each other.

And when he asked me to be his girl, well he blew up at my reaction.  Hence we never dated.

At the drop of a dime we would enter yelling matches with one another (as recent as a few years ago we had another yelling match when he thought to call my phone going off on me for something I didn’t even do. Once again, he calmed down with an “Oh”). Then we would turn around as we were parting and he would calmly ask “see you tomorrow.” And I would calmly respond “yes”.

It was all a bit bipolar… but that’s my dog!

Taurus- Bullheaded

I thought an Aries was stubborn until I met a Taurus.  If a Ram and a Bull go head to head, chances are they are going to get tangled at the horns.  If he had a point to make, he wouldn’t let it go.
He was slow moving too. He was very pensive, deliberative, and calculated. Doing nothing until he was absolutely sure that was what he wanted to do. Not knowing whether or not he wanted to progress with things or he wanted to fall back he would stay stagnant.

And in the end, I fell the hell back.

Fool, ain’t no body got time for that!

Gemini- Predictable, but unpredictable… no in between.

We all know that the Gemini represents two personalities. There were at least two sides of the Gemini that I dated. At least, infers that there could’ve been more. He was charming, and put their charm on heavily with flattery and their gentleman like traits. Once I knew how he was charmer, it was easy to figure out what would come next. That’s if I was dealing with the sweet and endearing side of him.

The other side of said Gemini I just couldn’t figure out. Certain actions would catch me completely off guard. When I thought I had that particular trait down, he would hit me with something else unexpectedly. Actions such as taking out on hitting on my friends. Then disappearing, and then popping back up as if there was nothing wrong.

Nevertheless, wanting things to progress into something serious.  He was a flat out contradiction.

Uh, dude, you got at my girl… at my event… you freak!

Cancer- Sensitive…

… as hell! Their feelings get hurt if you blink at them wrong way (how you blink the wrong way is beyond me.  Just one of those sayings). So it’s not surprising that they can come off as defensive or as if they don’t care (because in reality, they care too much). Their sign claims them to be deeply sensitive and wounded. They don’t have that hard shell and pinching claws for no reason either. They are protecting that gooey inside. They seem tough on the outside, but they are mushy on the inside.

In my dating experience, one of the guys that I enjoyed being around with most was a Cancer. But as soon as we had a disagreement, he dumped me. I mean I asked him if his behavior was what I had to look forward to and this man told me “I can’t do this.” He had a bit of a whine and shake to his voice as if he was crying or nervous.

We hung up (yep that’s right. He dumped me over the phone), and I never heard from him again.

I would call him a name, but I don’t want to hurt the feelings of Cancers that may be reading this.

Leo- Enthusiastic and Intense

Lot’s of joking and PDA. That’s the best explanation I have for my Leo interaction. He was a blast, and when he wasn’t making me laugh, he was hypnotizing me with his intense glare.

Leos thrives best through companionship which would probably explain why he was married twice and latched on to me. Until he didn’t…
He was one of the few men that I couldn’t be upset with. That’s probably because of his jovial and non-malicious spirit.

Virgo- Generous

This is for the Virgo men and women that I’ve known. My mom is a Virgo and she and my boyfriend (their birthdays are a day apart) are two of the most generous people I have ever come across.
This guy was a definite problem solver- attempts to solve all issues that I complain about. So much so, if I sneeze, he’s asking what can he do to make me better.
Virgos genuinely have a spirit of servitude.


This is what I read about a Libra Man:

The Libra man is incredibly charming, often gorgeous to look at, entertaining, quick-witted – but ultimately, extremely hard to pin down (

Yep. I agree. I remember the Libra guy to be entertaining, charming, with a smart mouth. Generally, I had tons of fun with him- like sled rides, snowball fights, and cooking competitions type of fun

Unfortunately, he was wishy-washy and non-committal. He was on opposite ends of the spectrum at times. He was focused on getting my attention, but once he got it, he didn’t know what to do with it, so he just fumbled.

I guess he didn’t care enough to try and recover because I never really heard from him again.

Scorpio- Fiercely Devoted and All consuming…

… Ha! Not when it came to me. That’s probably because he was that way to someone else when he wasn’t with me. I looked up a two months after we broke things off and this fool was engaged. He’s actually been engaged three times since I’ve known him. It just keeps popping up on my timeline. So, I don’t think that his some-timey behavior with me is too hard to figure out. I mean at one point this nut even told me he had cancer before he dropped off the face of the earth.

They can be venomous too. As this guy was when I told him about himself. Baby boy wasn’t remorseful at all. I wondered was I tripping because he had more of an attitude than I did. Like he knew exactly how to turn the tables on me, and I fell right into it.

Scorpios have a reputation for being passionate, and I can attest that this man had a level of passion in his every move. However, one moment he was all in and the next he was gone.

Sagittarius- Wanderer

They say you can’t hold a Sag down. That’s because they have a penchant for adventure.  However, if you happen to snag one they  are loyal when in relationships. Still they about the hunt and can get bored of you once they have you.  So, you better be about making that relationship interesting by giving them a hard time.  I’m talking about hitting them over the head with bricks type of hard time (seriously, my ex stayed with his ex who he said did this).

Honestly, I have a lot in common with this sign. Sagittarius and Aries are elements of fire. So, I’m never surprised when I click with someone that of this sign. I love adventure- my ex who was a Sag did too. I was about exploring and trying new things and he was along for the ride. That’s the underlining reason we were together for as long as we were.  Every time I was ready to call it quits, I was bound by an upcoming trip (and I’m not missing a trip).   My love for exploration matched his passion for adventure, and off we went. But, I’m not crazy, so , I lacked the excitement he needed. Apparently he needed more of a “literal” chase.

Now, I also have a close homeboy who’s a Sagg, and he’s not an adventurer at least not in my idea of the term. However, he is all about the chase (and low key, I think that’s why he’s the homey).

Capricorn- Elusive

Caps are given this description because tend to build walls that only the most fearless climbing enthusiast can conquer. You never really know what they are thinking or what’s going on with a Cap.

They are cynics too. This description couldn’t be more accurate for the one that I date for a short period of time. He criticized what people wore, what they ate, the races I ran, the pictures I took, the church that I attend. He always had something negative to express when it came to ANYTHING.

He was way too serious for my liking. And worked like a slave. His appearance is kind of gloomy, but once he got to know me, it perked up… a little. Think of Eeyore- you know, Winnie the Pooh’s depressing donkey friend.

Aquarius- Confusing

This dude was flat out weird. I’m talking a 40 something-year-old man who thought that he was Tupac and substituted the “Thug Life” written on Pac’s abdomen, for “War Life” written on his. He even had an albumin which he was channeling Pac’s spirit from the underworld. What;s unfortunate about all of this is that he warned me when we were out to breakfast one morning that I would “get tired of him.” This man looked me in the eye while sitting across the table from me and he informed me that I would be running for the hills in the opposite direction of him. WHO DOES THAT (book plug:) just look →)

Y’all, when I read about this sign, it said that they are notorious bachelors.  This nut told me that his best friend’s wife took his best friend from him and the he was against wives… at 40.

Honestly, I could go on and on, but y’all may start judging me for entertaining such absurdity. On to the next…

Pisces- Intoxicating

Yep. From my experience, they dive deep. I’m talking all in out the gate.  For an Aries as myself, that screamed adventure. Naturally, I was captivated. He wanted to know my deepest darkest secrets day one, and for whatever reason, I was comfortable enough to let him in. It was damn near like a spell he had me under…

Until he got cold. I’m talking ice cold.

Trying to keep my wits about myself is what made him bow out in the end. The actual moment that ended it was when I took a phone call. I was merely trying to get my car, and this man got pissed.  He didn’t utter another word to me… like EVER! So, I wasn’t surprised when I read this about them:

This is what they most desire: for you to forget that the world outside exists, and to give yourself over to love and the vision of indivisibility (

Can you say “Damn my man.

For this Aries woman and based on my encounters here’s how they added up:

A Match: Leo, Sag, Virgo
Never again: Capricorn and Gemini
For the rest of them, I’ll shrug my shoulders and give them an “Eh.”

What zodiac signs can you live with or without?  I’d love to hear.  Tell me about it below.