So, in my last blog, I hit some of the things that women do, that men may find irritating.  For the ladies, I’m trying to put y’all up on something that can help you when dating- by making you aware. I promised that it was to be continued, and since I am a man of my word here’s the  rest (and women, it’s all in love):

Get to the Point

I don’t like confrontations. I try to avoid them at all cost because there’s no point in arguing about things you’re going to just disagree on. However, it seems that some things are just inevitable. That’s understandable. What’s not understandable is starting an argument or “discussion” about not cleaning a dish completely and then bringing up why ole girl tagged me in a picture! Why do [most] women bring up something small to start a discussion about, argue about it for 15 minutes, only to finally bring up what’s REALLY bothering them? Do you know how frustrating this is? Just get it off your chest up front, we can handle it.

All of This Because I Didn’t Respond to Your Text?

Technology can be a great thing, especially when dating or in a relationship. Skype and FaceTime have now helped with the pain of not being able to see your partner when they are not around. Texting allows you to communicate with your partner throughout the day when they are unable to talk. However, there is etiquette that comes with mentioned technologies and abusing them will annoy the heck out of us.

Case in point, if we don’t respond to your text at 10 am, do not send us a text at noon saying “I guess you didn’t get my message” or something with some negative attitude and verbiage that suggests that you are upset with us for not responding to a text. The purpose of text messaging is for you to respond AT YOUR CONVENIENCE. If we don’t respond, it doesn’t mean we’re avoiding you; it only means when you sent that message, I was in a meeting, or on the 10th conference call of the morning, or responding to a client’s email, or maybe I was just collecting my thoughts.  Ya know we are working hard at that 9-5 trying to make a living so that we can pay for your dinner tonight because we know you won’t.

And I would be remiss not to mention the following: Don’t get mad if we don’t text you with the “Good Morning” text! Just because we don’t say it doesn’t mean we don’t mean it or think about you in the morning. But, if you get mad and say something about it, then we feel obligated to do it, and it’s not genuine. I understand you all like that sort of thing, and we like to do things you like, but don’t complain about us not doing it. Instead, you can continue to send the texts, if we reply that should be sufficient. If not saying this bothers you just that much, please bring it up in person, but not with some “beat around the bush” small problem (see Get to the Point).

Also, if we are in an argument, don’t abuse text messaging by texting us while we are at work. The last thing we need is for our business to be affected by something that should be handled face to face once the work day is over.  Just think, if I let this interfer with my job performance and get fired, you would dump me right because I’d be another brother without a job. Yeah, handle that at home, please. Thanks!

I See You Looking

Christmas time is a great time of year. Tis’ the season for giving.  One of my favorite moments at Christmas is seeing my loved ones reactions when opening gifts from me. Additionally, I take pride in the presentation of the gift.  I take time wrapping them with care making sure it’s appealing before they even know what’s inside. “I don’t want to open it. It’s so beautifully wrapped” my mother would say. That always warms me up like a cup of hot coco. Why? PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING! When they saw the wrapping, they felt some type of way. They felt excited, anxious, loved, etc. You can feel this way too if you learn how to wrap yourself properly!

By this, I simply mean thinking about us at times when you dress. Case in point, I had a job in which everyone dressed in business attire. Therefore, my female co-workers were wearing skirts, dresses, heels, etc. They were dressed to the nines regularly and for some very attractive. I didn’t come home to this look, as my girlfriend at the time had a job in which she wore a uniform. So when we went out, we dressed casually, or better yet, she dressed casually. After being around women who were on their A game in presentation daily, weekly, and monthly, it would have been nice to see my girlfriend dressed up at least once, twice, six times a month.

The nighttime presentation is also important. Never underestimate the power of lingerie! I mean nothing is wrong with nothing or boy shorts or tights, but your body in some lingerie could definitely get the party started and heighten the libido of your partner if that’s what you’re trying to do. What you shouldn’t do is get mad if your man is not trying to have sex with you, when you wear a damn mask every night to bed. That is not seductive! But, I’m a Christian and we [should] wait until marriage, so…forget that last paragraph.

Follow these rules in conjunction with the ones from before, and you all will have made bread to break up, with your significant other that is. If not, well, table for 1!



Case N Pointe