Happy Valentines Day!  This day brings out sides of people that are lovely.  The sides that are blissful and endearing.  On the other hand this day also brings out sides of people that may not be their best representation.  So let’s review… You have the:


For some, today is a day of flowers, chocolates, dinner with our S.O, exchanging of gifts, and just a sweet reminder of how special you are to someone.

The Up-Side Down Smile

Then there are those who will spend the day trying to forget that the day even exists, out with their girls, or drinking a glass of wine while watching TGIT (like they do every other Thursday).  Some even go to extremes of rescheduling a meeting to 9pm on today (that literally happened at one of my gigs and I politely informed them that I would not be in attendance).

The Grimace

These are usually the Cynics.  They are those who feel that the day is completely overrated and make statements like “I prefer that he/she does things for me throughout the year” (as I’m writing this as I  just heard my colleague declare how much she hates this holiday after receiving a gift of treats from her Aunt.  Like she literally just screamed “I hate this holiday.”)

Not to mention the Cynics are usually cynical because they don’t have anyone.  Don’t get me wrong, I get it.  Today can be hard for those who don’t have an S.O.  It’s an in your face reminder of rejection, relationships gone wrong, etc.

The Confused

Let’s not forget the few and in between ones who are just that- in between!   They are dating someone but aren’t exactly sure how the relationship is defined. Therefore, are unsure what today brings if anything at all.  They have an expectation, but are afraid to show it so they just wait to see in hope that it will be something.  Ok, let’s face it,  if you have to question it, you just aren’t on that level- yet. Not saying that it will never be, but give it time and see.  Maybe you just started  dating a month, or two ago.  Time will tell ( and it should at about month three or four).  Usually if you’re in a waiting to see pattern with someone and you haven’t talked about it- it usually means you aren’t celebrating it with that person.   Enough said.


Then you have those who are like me.  Unfortunately,I’m finding that there aren’t many people who just love this day.  As for me, on the other hand, I love everything it stands for.  It’s all about love and the meaning of love.  Yes we are supposed to show love everyday, but what’s wrong with having one day set aside to celebrate it.  You can celebrate it in many different ways- popcorn and Netflix,  a gift basket to mom, bake Valentine’s Day cookies for your colleagues- ok, I have literally done all of these things.

Now, I myself, have spent this day with a special someone, have spent this day on dates with guys that I really could care less if I see again (just to feel like I had something on this day), spent the day on the couch watching TV drinking juice (this is before my wine drinking days).  But honestly, I find that I’m most fulfilled when I’m honoring how I feel- whether it’s doing nothing or putting smiles on the faces of those around me.

No expectation- just being!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Celebrate Love!