Ya know that cliché “Time waits for no one”? Most can attest to it being true in one way or another.  None of us are where we were last year. For you maybe you are approaching graduation, maybe you are like me and are in a new position than the one you were in a year ago. Hell, even the country is in a different place than a year ago. Just as of last night, it was announced that North Korea’s latest missile testing yielded positive results for a missile that can reach little ole me all the way in Washington, DC (really)?  Undoubtedly, they are probably aiming it at us as I write this.  This time last year, we were coming to terms with our #44 leaving office as we were still recovering from the shock of the night of Nov. 8th. With Thanksgiving being last week not only was I thankful for another year, I reflected on all that had happened since my last time we sat around the table giving thanks!

Last year I hosted Thanksgiving dinner in my home with an array of cousins and friends. When thinking back on who was in attendance, many of us were either in different stages of our love lives or had different love lives altogether. So, where were we all last Thanksgiving?

This is us THEN:

Sister Friend 1| When she, her beau, and daughter were seated at the Thanksgiving table, they weren’t even engaged yet.

Cousin 1 | He was living in my mom’s basement and he had his S.O., at the time, join us for dinner. Throughout that courtship, he was in constant frustration. He never knew what the boo was thinking, he would make advances only to be met with blanket stares and nothingness. He struggled with the idea of even bringing him to Thanksgiving dinner. I insisted!

Cousin 2 | Had entered a new relationship a few months prior.

Sister Friend 2 | Popped in after dinner last Thanksgiving without her boyfriend. Let’s just say she was frustrated with a few things about him and was on the verge of moving on.

Yours Truly | I was playing the role of step-mom and girlfriend.  I too was frustrated with that relationship. The ex and I were on our way to Thailand- where his ungrateful disposition only added to my dissatisfaction.

This is us NOW:

Sister Friend 1 | A couple weeks after Thanksgiving last, he proposed surprising her at a party she threw for him. I witnessed her exchange her vows with her husband on Thanksgiving Day graced by the ocean as a backdrop on a Mexican beach.

Cousin 1 | He drove to Jersey with his new S.O. whom he’s created a home with, and spends their free time Snapping pictures of the two of them adorning their Christmas tree. There’s no guessing with this boyfriend of his either. He not only states exactly how he feels, but he consistently demonstrates his love through random deliveries of flower bouquets and prepared lunches for work (jealous ladies?). Both seen through the lens of Snapchat!

Cousin 2 | Well… she’s engaged. They spent Thanksgiving together with our family in Detroit. During that trip, she was blessed with clarity on marriage from the women in the family who had been married a while. He was blessed by the guys, and she is eager to know what they said to him.  They refuse to tell.

Sister Friend 2 | A year later she spent the holiday with her new beau and his family. They then swung by her parent’s house.  They are talking about marriage.

Yours Truly | This year it was a ladies trip. It was none other than relaxing and joyous. I already told you how I spent the actual holiday- refer to Sister Friend 1.  Moreover, I hadn’t even conceptualized Lovetails at Thanksgiving a year ago and again, here I am writing this blog. As for my love life, well, I have a lil sumthin’ sumthin’ (drops Maxwell’s beat). Only time will tell.

We are all just examples, that today’s situation may change tomorrow.

So, I know I’m late, but better late than never. Besides I was on the beaches of Mexico this time last week when this blog would’ve been more timely. When asked on Thanksgiving day what I was thankful for, I had a one-word response- Time! While it keeps going at it’s own divine pace it blesses us clarity and healing. It restores joy! It forces us to grow and move on. It makes room for new relationships. It challenges us. It gives us love and life. And when we look back on a year of time that has passed- we are bestowed with a sense of gratitude that we aren’t where we were 365 days ago.