To my men, I know that you may feel as though I am coming for you quite often, but that is quite the contrary. In reality, I hope to gain an understanding of what really goes through your minds when I have encounters such as these:

“I was standing back there watching you and I just had to smell your hair.”

Then proceeds to do so.

“Were you born in the 40s because you look like you are straight out of the 70s? What’s your name dollface?”

“Look we have the same wristband, Just admit it. We’re soul mates. That’s why it was so easy for me to find you.”

So, I guess you are soul mates with her, and her, oh yeah.. and him too!

“I know that I’m a pervert, so I am going to let you decide. I’m sitting right back there (nods his head in the direction of where he was located). You come back and talk to me when you decide that you want to give me a shot.”


These are the pick-up lines that fellas approached me with this past weekend while attending a festival. What makes it worse is the fact that I haven’t heard such tactless lines since college.

Granted, I cut them some slack since it was a wine festival and I’m pretty sure they were intoxicated, but the amount of ridiculousness in one place is what was mind-boggling.

I think the best line was a text message that I received the next day, from a seemingly decent individual, notifying me that I was someone he met, but he didn’t remember my name nor how I looked.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Wait… clarification needed here. So, you just saw that you have a random number in your phone and you reached out to see exactly who she was, not knowing even if she looked like Chewbacca?.

Men, y’all must do better when approaching a woman.

It’s unfortunate, but I can’t fault you. It goes without saying that some women make you guys think that this is an ok way of meeting and approaching a woman. Which is also a disgrace.  There is a woman out there who would’ve simply engaged in texting back and forth with a man who didn’t know her name nor what she looked like.  And that’s why he thought it was ok to text me that mess.

Did I feel disrespected, no. It was a wine festival, I’m sure if some of them heard their Saturday selves today, they would want to go back in time to erase some of the foolery. It’s all very laughable, however. It made for an entertaining Saturday.

I’m still unsure what the pervert thought he was going to get out of me once he revealed his perversion.

Lastly, I am unsure as to why I am still experiencing pick-up lines at all.  Not sure if that liquid courage took men back in time to their more youthful selves, but I thought I left those behind in my early twenties on Miami Beach.  For men such as these, please get it together.  Approach a woman with a nice simple introduction.  If just so happens that you had some of that liquid courage, refrain from approaching her at all.